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Welcome to the so called  more darker and taboo areas of biology and related themes; this site is especially relevant to giving a fairer and more impartial look at eugenics, , non theistic Satanism, the new dangers of biological warfare, and poisons. We also have a large variety of books, articles, scientific equipment and plant seeds in our shop.  For a brief over view of site contents please go to the links below, and for a more detailed look at the site go to the link bar at the top of the page.


The progress of man in terms of both his mental and physical faculties seems less than impressive; certainly when compared to his technological evolution.”

Modern 21st century eugenics when combined with genetic engineering has the potential to bring about the creation of a new variety of human; superior and dominant to present day “man” in every way.  This “Genetic Superman” will be not unlike the “Overman” which the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described in his 1883 book  “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

So let us begin our journey into the brave new world of the Overman with the words of the great Friedrich Nietzsche himself  “Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?  What is ape to man? A laughing stock or painful embarrassment.  And man shall be that to overman: a laughingstock or painful embarrassment.  Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman—a rope over an abyss what is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end." 

Above extract taken from the book Twenty First Century Overman by Douglas G Link

Biological Warfare

It is now possible through a combination of GM technology and sequencing information to excise (cut out) the genes from one organism and insert them into another unrelated organism.

The technology has among other things allowed the creation or possible creation of such “nasties” as race specific weapons, the synthesis of new or previously extinct viruses and the genetic transformation of once harmless micro-organisms, plants or animals to become lethal carriers of toxins. 

On this site I shall discuss all of these possibilities, as well as providing some background to their production and synthesis; while not supplying any more information than is already known to present day scientists in the field. 

It is likely that there are some scientists; especially those harboring grudges against society that may be willing to work for certain regimes (including western ones) in developing weapons even more horrifying than those outlined on this site or in the book DNA Armageddon by Douglas G. Link.  I have worked as a scientist and around some of the world’s best scientists and I can assure the readers that there are many scientists who are not angels or present day versions of mother Teresa, but just normal human beings who have an interest in science; therefore, all spectrums of human nature both “good” and bad are demonstrated within the world's scientific community.  There are indeed those among the scientific community who possess “evil” intent and certainly many more that are susceptible to bribes or religious and ideological brain washing from politicians, religious maniacs, cult leaders or holders of extreme left and right wing ideologies.


Toxic plants and animals

According to an International Committee of the Red Cross review of the Biological Weapons Convention “Toxins are poisonous products of organisms; unlike biological agents, they are inanimate and not capable of reproducing themselves.”  Toxins are usually grouped into three main categories according to their origin as plant, animal or microbial.  The variety of toxin that could be utilized in a GM warfare attack would be determined by the availability of genome sequences, if not the whole genome then at least the DNA sequences for the toxin genes themselves. The toxins could also be used in their own right, as simple poisons rather than as GM weapons; being very deadly without even being genetically modified.

 One reason many have not been used to date is that there are many synthetic man made poisons that are easily available for the “would be” terrorist or perpetrator.   However unlike the purchase of man-made poisons, natural poisons arise no suspicion when harvesting unlike when buying synthetic ones.  Although it must be said that with the present day extreme specialization of most biology degrees to such areas as single enzyme study or many years spent on analyzing one biochemical pathway it is unlikely a graduate would even know of or be able to identify and harvest natural toxins.  Many graduate biology graduates these days could probably not even identify an Oak Tree; biology degrees aren’t what they used to be!  They are also probably unaware that “God’s” kitchen is a lot deadlier than anything man can make up.  Living organisms that have undergone millions of years of evolution are capable of producing far more complex chemical compounds than “man” can produce in the lab.  It is often impossible or takes many years of pain staking work for a chemist to replicate in the laboratory what has taken nature millions of years to evolve.

Modern day eugenics a revist to its potential benefits for all of humanity

Much of the topics here are labeled "Dark, taboo or politically incorrect" by the authorities (or in other words the controllers and masters of our society), so that they can often have use of this knowledge for themselves while depriving the rest of us from using it.  Eugenics for example is often maligned as unethical, or as a failed science by the powers that be (whether religious or political powers) while the leaders of those powers cynically use it to improve their own genetics anilities for them and their descendants.

1. Eugenics has been under a very unfair and bias attack by the media who are of course controlled by the elite of society.  The attack on eugenics is mainly for reasons of out dated religions dogma or greed in the want of the elite to keep the advantages of eugenics for their own benefit, and not the benefit of others (which in itself reflects the nature of mankind).  Eugenics is also often considered taboo or politically incorrect due to its following by small but vocal neo Nazi and racist groups that totally mis understand it.  The real idea of eugenics is not a racist philosophy and never has been; although the early American eugenics movements in the early 1900's and the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler mis-construed its ideas and mislead the masses into believing eugenics had a strong racial content.  Eugenics is not racist and it not "negative", it is indeed a force for good when used in the right hands.   As for racism and eugenics well any good scientist worth his salt will tell you that there is no one race that has a monopoly on all the best genes; this is a scientific fact   There are indeed differences between races that give them advantageous genes in differing environments, and all  genes from all races can be used for the benefit of mankind and in creating a new form of human that superior in every area, and this dream can be actualized. 

The media will not even usually  discuss the issue and generally insinuates anyone associated with eugenics to be a neo Nazi or racist; whereas, in fact nothing could be further from the truth, and I strongly recommend you read "Twenty Frst Century Overman" by Douglas G Link available in our book store"  Twenty First Century Overman  is possibly the first book to give a positive outlook on eugenics that has been written within the last fifty years ( and about time too).  The book demonstrates  a more positive direction for the future of mankind and our planet rather than the present day alternatives such as leaving the destiny of mankind to a useless  blind faith  in mythical gods and the supernatural; which includes not only the more established churches but even the so called Pagan religions with their mantra "nature is always best".  We humans are unique in now having  the power to shape our own destiny and eugenics is one of the main mediums by which we can achieve this goal.  So why not use it?  Is it because that some Abrahamic man made illusionary self projected  god stated that the universe and man was made perfect and can not be improved upon, or is it because the present day elite ruling families wish to keep this knowledge for themselves and their descendants.

The media associating the words of eugenics with Nazis or racism is a smoke screen for the non disclosure of a philosophy that could provide tremendous benefits, not only for humans but for all the organisms that we share this planet with. Eugenics when applied properly is a positive force but unfortunately many of the readers of this site will have been manipulated and brain washed into thinking it is actually negative, racist and politically incorrect.  I challenge the readers to further study it for  yourselves and I am sure many of those once opposed to the very mention of eugenics as a positive force will  realize  how you have been mislead and lied to.  I suggest that readers who are opposed to eugenics read Twenty First Century Overman and then wonder why we are being inhibited and persuaded into even considerong applying any thought or discussion to the science and philosophy of eugenics.

Times have changed and biotechnology has made great leaps and bounds  I hope the twenty first century will open up a new less bias view in considering the appliance of eugenics using  our newly found tools of bio technology.  The world has reached a tilting point in terms of over population and resource depletion; something needs to be done and be done fast, eugenics is one of the ways whereby we can not only improve the physical and mental capabilities of the human race but also reduce the population burden on the planet with concomitantly more capable human beings in terms of both physicality and mentality using the tools of biotechnology for positive ends.